Lymphatic Massage Purple

Experience the Healing Touch of Lymphatic Massage

Spa La La introduces our specialized lymphatic services.  At Spa La La, we understand the vital role of post-surgery care in optimizing results. Our Lymphatic team, led by experienced therapists Brittany and Briana, offer unparalleled expertise in both Vodder and Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Techniques.   With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, Brittany and Briana are dedicated to accelerating healing, reducing swelling, and enhancing the overall recovery process for our patients.   Tailored specifically to your surgical needs, this therapy is particularly effective for patients recovering from any plastic surgery procedure, including liposuction.  Thank you for allowing Spa La La Aesthetics & Wellness help in promoting holistic wellness, beauty, and health.


Lymphatic drainage massage promotes the healing of scar tissue and is often recommended as part of your post-surgery recovery.  Your massage will be customized to your needs depending on the type of surgery you received and will aid in the healing and recovery process.  Your lymphatic system plays a crucial role in your overall health by producing monocytes and lymphocytes, the cells that are a part of your immune system.  It consists of lymph vessels, nodes, and organs, with lymph fluid flowing through it. This fluid not only delivers nutrients to cells but also clears metabolic waste, foreign substances, excess fluid, aiding in immune system function. 


When your lymphatic system functions optimally, you feel more energized, and your body is better equipped to fend off illness and promote healing.  During a Lymphatic Massage session, you can expect a tranquil and soothing experience.  The therapist uses light rhythmic strokes and gentle pressure to stimulate lymphatic flow. The touch is both relaxing and invigorating, promoting a sense of well-being.  Your therapist will work methodically, focusing on specific areas where lymphatic drainage is needed, depending on your individual needs and goals. Lymphatic massage is safe and suitable for most individuals.    


60 minutes – $150 | 75 minutes – $185 | 90 minutes – $225  

Package of 5 – 60 minutes – $650 | 75 minutes – $825 | 90 minutes – $1025  

Package of 10 – 60 minutes – $1250 | 75 minutes – $1600 | 90 minutes – $2000