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Therabody Recovery Air Compression Therapy (For Legs)

Therabody Compression Therapy

This pneumatic compression system makes it easy for anybody to experience the benefits of clinically proven recovery technology.   Sit back, relax, and recover faster as each boot sequentially compresses the leg to increase circulation and reduce soreness and fatigue. Discover the fastest safest most effective compression in recovery.  This is an FDA type II medical device.  This is great post-event.  30 minutes |  Add on to any massage or facial for $35. 



Boosts circulation 

Reduces delayed onset muscle soreness

Decreases swelling and stiffnesss

Releives muscle fatigue


True negative gradient of pressure

Therabody’s unique true negative gradient of pressure sequentially travels up the limb from the foot toward the heart in 4 internal overlapping chambers. The spiraling overlap of chambers safely maximizes circulation vs. other designs that interrupt air flow and create potentially harmful peaks and valleys of pressure.


Faster recovery, 3x the speed of competitors

Faster recovery is all about more cycles of inflation and deflation in a given amount of time. By detecting a full inflation based on precise pressure, RecoveryAir’s high performance compressor reaches the optimal point for a full and rapid pressure release 3 times faster.


Safer with precise pressure control

We can set your session to precise units of pressure and monitors pressure according to the size of the limb being treated.  This prevents dangerous overconstriction. Other systems deliver a wide range of pressure within an arbitrary setting, often inflating past a normal human blood pressure.


More effective with full inflation and deflation

Like a sponge, RecoveryAir’s precise pressure control and true negative gradient allows for a fuller, more complete cycle of compression and release. This flushes out metabolic waste more effectively, and allows fresh, oxygenated blood to return to the limb faster.