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Achieve beautifully shaped brows at Spa La La.  It’s true: not every brow suits every person.  This may seem obvious, but somehow we have gotten to a place where brow services are approximately 15 minutes and involve a significant amount of hair removal, or applying a stencil to impose a predetermined design.  How is it possible that our individuality has been reduced to a set of 5 stencils?  We see your brows very differently that your average esthetician, cultivating and designing the perfect arch and shape to suit your beautiful face.  


It’s about the importance of a woman’s softness and beauty, recognizing the influence the brow has on a woman’s expression. They should be soft, feminine, fluid, complimentary,  and completely unique to you.  We understand that your brows can transform your entire look, enhancing your natural beauty.  


Our skilled estheticians specialize in waxing techniques that are precise, gentle, and tailored to your unique facial features.  We use high-quality wax products that are designed to minimize discomfort and reduce redness, ensuring a comfortable experience.  Our estheticians take time to listen to your preferences, guaranteeing results that will exceed your expectations.    If you are adding on to any facial services that include a peel, we will have to avoid any areas that have been waxed.  

Brow Wax/Tint – $60 | 45 minutes
Brow Wax only – $30 | 20 minutes
Brow Tint only – $30 | 20 minutes


At Spa La La, we go beyond the ordinary to create an extraordinary waxing experience. We believe that smooth, radiant skin is not just a a luxury, but a reflection of self-care and confidence.  Immerse yourself in the expertise of our skilled professionals, who understand that waxing is not just a technique but a form of art. Our meticulous approach ensures that every session is a symphony of precision, leaving you with skin that feels hair-free and soft.


From your brows to your toes, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive range of waxing services tailored to meet your unique needs. From the delicate shaping of eyebrows to the smoothing of legs and beyond, experience the perfect blend of gentleness and effectiveness with our specially formulated waxes. Our commitment to your comfort means that you can bid farewell to the apprehension often associated with hair removal. Feel the difference as our expert aestheticians use their skill to make the waxing process virtually pain-free.

Brazilians – $69
Bikini Line  – $39
Full Face – $59
Full Back – $59
Lower Back – $39