Restore your brows to their fullest and most beautiful potential .  Experience the difference in The True Brow System.™ It is the process of recovering your brows naturally.  It is really your true brow, the ones you have (or wish to have) cared for in a way you’ve not yet experienced. Your natural brow is nurtured, never compromising its true beauty, but fulfilling a vision of what it could and should be.  It is about the importance of a woman’s overall softness and beauty through recognizing the influence the brow has on a woman’s expression of herself.  They should be soft, feminine, fluid, and complimentary yet completely unique unto you.

Fundamentally, this system is just different.  Have you ever noticed that even the most bold, rough brow can look incredible on the right face? Or possibly more common, that even the most perfectly shaped brow can look sharp and out of place on another face? Its true: not every brow suits every person. This may seem obvious, but somehow we have gotten to a place where brow services are approximately 15 minutes and involve a significant amount of hair removal, or applying a stencil in order to impose a predetermined design on our faces.  How is it possible that our individuality has been reduced to 1 of 5 in a set of stencils? How did we come to expect so little for our beauty?   Your specialist develops a vision, seeing your brows very differently than your average esthetician. She cultivates that vision hair by hair and designs your brow.  Additonally, she may be correcting or restoring, but there will be no stencils, serums, stains or extensions.  Just a beautiful, natural brows and they are all yours.

Before and After


Introductory Session- $49   

Follow-up Sessions (include tint) – $90-$120

 Brow Tint only-$25