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Unique versatile, non-invasive aesthetic device based on high frequency, ultrasonic technology. This efficiency delivers instantaneous results, and removal of common superficial skin, irregularities, and conditions that you see on daily basis with minimal discomfort. The perfect touch is an easy to use compact device with a high frequency electrical current that delivers precise electrical sparks through micro electric probe at different amplitude to dehydrated skin growth. It is an electrical treatment device, not an operating tool, such as an electrical scalpel. Therefore, the client does not need to be grounded and results are seen almost immediately. All treatments are permanent.

NON Laser,  NON Invasive, no scarring, Fast, effective  Immediate, Permanent Results • No Bleeding • superficially dries and dehydrates the Skin at the Epidermal Level  • Excellent Results • One Time Treatment • Portable and Convenient