What is PDO AfterGlo?

It is a polymer skin booster formulated with polydioxanone (PDO) powder and hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a safe and effective option for correction of volume loss and rejuvenation of photoaging skin.   PDO powder are microspheres made out of the same materials as PDO threads.  These micro particles are suspended in HA and sterile water, making the particles soluble.   The serum is then penetrated into the dermis via  microneedling.  

PDO AfterGlo is formulated to activate the efficacy of PDO itself,  PDO threads, which are composed of the same biodegradable polymer as this new serum, is known to aid in the production of collagen and increase skin elasticity.  There is no downtime and results can be seen after one treatment.  The skin is brighter, tighter, and more hydrated. 

Treatments should be spaced four weeks apart for maximum results.  Results will improve over time.  We suggest 3 consecutive treatments, followed with one every 6 months.  First session includes a Level 1 Peel or Dermaplane Add-on plus one Environ product chosen by us.

60 minutes – $499 | Add-on to any facial for $399 | Package of 3 – $1197  (On Special right now for $999 as our NEW SERVICE LAUNCH)