microcurrent gloves

Microcurrent technology is great for firming and lifting the skin, offering a non-invasive, risk-free alternative to traditional skin rejuvenation procedures.  See visible results as skin becomes more lifted and contoured, and we stimulate collagen and elastin production.  

The Jeunesse Microcurrent System is designed to harmonize with your body’s natural electrical activity. The low-level current mirrors the body’s innate frequencies, ensuring optimal efficacy, and delivering more youthful skin.  50 minutes | $185

Who shouldn't use microcurrent?​

Microcurrent devices should not be used (or used with caution) by those with:

  • epilepsy
  • diabetes
  • pregnant or nursing mamas
  • anyone going through chemotherapy
  • anyone with a pacemaker or metal in their face
  • facial piercings (will need to be removed before receiving treatment)