SkinPen Treatment

What is SkinPen?

SkinPen is the first FDA-approved Microneedling device and delivers big results in as little as three 30 minute sessions.  

Naturally Remodel Your Skin with SkinPen Precision

Collagen and elastin are the essential protein fibers in the skin that give it support and elasticity.  As we age, these fibers break down and can cause wrinkles.  Regenerating the collagen and elastin in the skin can help to give you a more youthful appearance overall.  Collagen also plays a key role in scarring, such as those resulting from acne.  Skin remodeling can have an important role in the improved appearance of this condition.



SkinPen Precision is the leading Microneedling device and it works to remodel the skin by creating temporary microscopic channels in your skin.  This simple procedure activates your body’s natural skin-healing power to increase collagen and elastin so your skin returns to a healthier looking and youthful appearance. Watch your skin look more youthful and rejuvenated with SkinPen Precision Microneedling.   


$400 | 60 minutes (Face Only)    $500 | 75 minutes (Face & Neck)  You will receive aftercare with your treatment.  

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